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Quantity Surveying & Valuation

Sundar Associates’s Real estate practice provides valuation consulting services specifically focussed on the core issues concerning the purpose of valuation. Our real estate valuation services are used regularly by developers, lenders, investors and PE funds seeking advice on their existing projects, proposed acquisitions and even assets under liquidation. We have the experience of valuing real property on a local and national level basis. This experience provides in sightful analysis of a client’s essential needs.
Our principal valuer Er. Badam Sundara rao holds the highly regarded eminent RICS designation conferred by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and fellow member of institutions of valuers (F.I.V), Fellow of Practicing Valuers Association of India (P.V.A.I), Fellow of Institutions of Engineers (India) (F.I.E) etc., and Govt. Registered Valuer for Immovable property under section 34 AB of Wealth tax act, 1957 with the income tax department , ministry of finance, Govt of India
Expert assistance for ensuring sound investment decisions
Social and economic changes in the wake of increasing globalization have an effect upon property values and the associated financial risks. Any unknown increase or decrease in value can result in loss of income for owners and investors. Conflict of interest of servicing companies may result in biased valuation reports.

As a qualified , neutral third – party valuation service provider, Sundar Associates can provide honest , accurate statements of the long term performance of investments and the values of tangible assets .We offer single or package valuations and produce expert reports to assist with investment decisions when buying and selling property , determining mortgage loans and insurable value, and for accurate financial reporting. This includes property valuation reports , plant and equipment valuation and mortgage lending valuation.

Property Valuation:-Sundar Associates provides market value appraisals, risk rating in the property specific market sector and determines mortgage lending value of real estate per international valuation standards and legal requirements (RICS Red book and international standards IVS)

We also produce fair value reports (financial reporting) and Insurable value reports

Plant and equipment valuation

  • Sundar Associates provides testing and valuation of technical equipment and infrastructure, machines, tools and devices.

  • We verify whether plant and machinery or furniture, fittings and equipment correspond to the state of the art and the values shown in balance sheet.

  • Our reports cover the residual value, market value, fair value and replacement value of plant and building equipment.


  • Our highly automated process conducts inspection of all aspects of your property for valuation purposes

  • Our extensive in house date base is supplemented by data sourced from a network of carefully selected and impartial partners analysts in various regions to efficiently conduct inspections and produce comprehensive documentation of your property

Your benefits

  • Minimize risk and gain certinity _With reliable and accurate reporting and sound advice, backed by our wide experience and interdisciplinary expertise.

  • Be assured of impartiality _With Sundar Associates’s assessment and analysis, independent of financing institutions and real estate agents.

  • Achieve transparency _With a comprehensive and fair assessment provided by our team of certified valuers who meet all sophisticated standard.

Quantity surveying and construction cost consultant

Sundar Associates is a firm with highest standard projects and cost management consultant in building construction, infrastructure and management of facilities.

We work in partnership with our clients and advisors at all stages of the project development process and property life cycle, giving professional, timely and reliable advice on all aspects of project, property and premises management , cost , value and risk. We provide consultancy services on a wide range of commissions for public and private sector clients.

Sundar Associates’s Quantity survey specialists are an integral part of the design and project management team on projects of all sizes and levels of complexity.

Our services range from project conception to design development and include advice on procurement and tendering methodologies, management of the procurement process from tender selection through tender evaluation to contract award, and post contract administration, leading the agreement of the final account, including the resolution of potential contractual disputes.

Valuation for bank purposes:-

Sundar associates profoundly expresses as a pioneering valuation firm in south India since 1981 Sundar associates is empanelled as valuer for several nationalized banks and scheduled banks and for NBFCs ,NABARD, UTI financial services, HUDCO etc.,

Our valuation are time tested and are found to be reasonable, realistic and realizable .Sundar Associates has vast experience in securitization (SERFASI Act) valuations also.

Over last three decades the various assets classes valued include viz.,

  1. Residential and commercial property.
  2. Retail spaces, shopping malls, multiplexes.
  3. I.T. Parks.
  4. Petroleum outlets.
  5. Hostel, resort, service apartments & hospitality property.
  6. Industrial unit and ware houses.
  7. Power plants etc.,

The valuation for the above mentioned asset classes is required for a plethora of applications/ purpose which include

  • Housing loans.
  • Mortgage lending
  • Land acquisition cases
  • Computation of capital gains tax.
  • Family settlements
  • Wealth tax.
  • Insurance.
  • Takeovers and mergers.
  • Transfer of property for partnership to Private limited Company.
  • Revaluation for public issues.
  • Review valuation.

  • Probate valuation