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Non-Destructive testing of in-situ concrete is an essential component for evaluating quality / strength of concrete of various structure / component, either immediately after construction or at a later date.

At Sundar Associates facilities for various Non-Destructive Test listed below are readily available at your service;

  • Rebound Hammer Test (Concrete, Mortar joints, Bricks, pavements, light weight concrete etc.,)
  • Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Test
  • Rebar locator test (Profometer Test)
  • Core extraction Test

The above tests are carried out on various buildings, bridges, foundations, multi storey complexes, Industrial buildings, water treatment plants etc., in order to assess various parameter of concrete such as;

  • Hardness / setting of concrete
  • Uniformity of concrete
  • Delimitations of concrete
  • Quality of concrete / construction
  • Defects in concrete (voids / cracks / honeycombs)
  • Deterioration of concrete (loss of strength)
  • Depth of cracks in concrete; etc.,

We provide NDT services using hi-tech equipments with detailed report and suggestion for retrofitting. Our qualified engineers assess the damages and conduct required test as per standard IS codes.

Following are the NDT equipments we posses.

  • Rebound Hammer
  • Ultra Sonic Pulse Velocity
  • Core Cutter