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Geotechnical Investigation and Field Testing

Geotechnical Investigation and Field Testing

The division comprises qualified and experienced team of geotechnical engineers aided with sophisticated equipment and NABL accredited fully fledged soil mechanics laboratory to cater to the needs of ground engineering and related activities.

Activities involved are:

Geotechnical studies for designing substructures through borehole exploration, geophysical exploration, sub surface soundings, plate load tests, Piezometric studies etc.

Identification of problematic soils and remedial measures.Slope stability analysis, and designing ground improvement techniques.Testing and analysis of sub grade and sub base materials for roads and runways, suitability tests of material for embankments, clay liners for engineered landfills, fill material for reinforced earth retaining walls etc.

We provide following consultancy services:

  • Re-engineering Scheme
  • Slope Stability Analysis
  • Ground improvement Techniques
  • Analysis of Deep foundation (Driven/Bored cast in-situ/Single or Double Under reamed pile)
  • Analysis of Shallow foundation (RCC Isolated/Strip/Raft Foundation)
  • Hydrological Analysis
  • Ground water recharge techniques
  • Design of retaining structure

We provide following field test services:

  • Drilling Borehole & collection of disturbed / Undisturbed samples
  • Standard penetration test
  • Plate load test, Cyclic plate load test
  • Electrical Resistivity test
  • Field Permeability test
  • Field CBR test
  • Vane Shear test (in Soft clay)
  • Trial pits
  • In-situ density and moisture content And many other test related to soil